IT Services for Engineering Researchers

If you are a researcher in the College of Engineering you have access to many IT resources and services to help you succeed. This site should give you an idea of the resources and services available. If you don’t see what you need, send us a message. Send inquiriies to


Engineering absolutely depends on software. From commercial CAD and Engineering analysis, to open source software tools and libraries, there are many software options available.

Commercial Engineering Tools

The College purchases many commercial Engineering packages that can be used by researchers for academic use. In general, the software cannot be used on “for profit” work, and must be related to publishable research being done in the College of Engineering.


CAD Software

Name Description Windows Mac Linux
AutoCAD Computer-aided Design Y N N
MasterCAM Computer-aided Design Y N N


Name Description Windows Mac Linux
Mathematica Mathematics Y Y Y
Matlab Mathematics and simulation Y Y Y

Fluids and Structures

Name Description Windows Mac Linux
Abaqus Structural Mechanics Y N Y
ANSYS Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis Y N Y
COMSOL Multiphysics Y Y Y
STAR-CCM+ Computational FLuid Dynamics Y N Y

Electronics and Chip Design

Name Description Windows Mac Linux
ANSYS Electronics Desktop RF, Antenna design Y N Y
Cadence Chip Design N N Y

Open Source Software

The College maintains several well-known open source Engineering tools. All of this software is available on the HPC clusters.

Name Description Windows Mac Linux
OpenFOAM CFD modeling and simulation Y Y Y
OpenMDAO AERE Design Optimization Y Y Y
SU2 CFD and Design Optimization Y Y Y

High Performance Computing

There are two on-campus HPC clusters available to researchers.  The Nova cluster has the newest and fastest equipment.  Users on Nova must purchase an allocation of hardware (both computation and storage).  The Condo cluster is somewhat older hardware but users can request a free allocation for modest computational needs.   For more details on Nova purchase costs as well as overall cluster usage, see

Engineering-related software titles available on the HPC clusters including Abaqus, ANSYS (Fluent and Ansys Mechanical), Matlab (including Parallel Server), COMSOL, STAR-CCM+, plus a large number of open source software such as OpenFOAM, SU2, GAMS, OpenMDAO, and many many others.   HPC staff can assist with building and preparing software as needed.

System Installation and Configuration

Despite the variety of available systems in the College, some researchers will need to run their own systems. IT staff in the College have experience installing many different operating systems and computer hardware variations . Most importantly, IT staff can ensure that systems are configured to use campus infrastructure correctly and that systems are able to get timely software updates. Contact your departmental IT staff for more information.